Autumn Nail Picks


Colours appear in order mentioned.

As the weather cools down and begins to change so does my taste in the colours I like to wear. The colours I pick for my nails are usually the first telltale sign that I’m getting ready for the new season. I’ve picked 7 nail polishes from my collection to show you today that I know I’ll be constantly reaching for this autumn. Like my April Make-up Bag I’ve picked out a lot of muted colours and neutrals, and although I enjoy my bright colours, these 7 have been standouts for me lately.

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Make-up Bag: April

As my collection has grown over the past 3 or so years I’ve become accustomed to reaching for the same products and discounting the many others I own. Queue the monthly makeup bag. Each month I’m picking out a few products that I’ve been neglecting recently and need some love. This months picks have a neutral and toned down theme to them, and are definitely getting me ready for the change in seasons .



Products mentioned appear in the same order as swatches above

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Excuse me sir, may I spray some more?

I love perfume. The way it smells, the way it makes you feel, and the stories they can tell. Perfume is such a beautiful and luxurious final touch to preparing yourself for the day, and being able to choose different scents that compliment mood, occasion, and even time of year is the icing on the cake. Oh yes, there’s little in this world that brings me more pleasure than spending time in Myer or David Jones sampling the delights that these gorgeous concoctions have to offer. So today I have for you my perfume collection and a little something about each one. I haven’t included information about different notes and such because honestly I only that they smell really good, so I’ve left links to more detailed information about each one for you.


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I dream of floral.

Today I thought I would try something different, nothing like a little outfit and makeup motivation to get you through the end of the week.


I dream of floral.

Monsoon collared shirt

Ted Baker pink skirt
$215 -

Giuseppe Zanotti pumps
$765 -

Forever New pink handbag
$32 -

River Island pink earrings
$9.98 -

Pink jewelry
$8.30 -

Shu uemura false eyelash
$39 -

Hourglass Cosmetics black eyeliner
$38 -

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$32 -

Essie nail polish
$18 -

I am woman..

I am woman.
I am strong.
I am power.
I do not give in, nor do I give up.
I am not inferior.
I am truth.
I am wonder.
I am knowledge.
I am peace and tranquility.
I am a fighter.
I have battle scars from the wars I’ve fought and I wear them proudly.
I can begin and end wars.
I can build cities and tear them down.
Hell hath no fury like when I am scorned.
I can give life to others, and without me no man would be alive today.
My choice is mine.
My body is a temple and it is to be worshiped.
My worth can never be measured in money, weight, jewels or gold.
And I will never let any person lead me to believe otherwise.


Ins & Outs #2

These past few weeks have been great for me, so here are my ins and outs of the moment…


My new haircut: No words can describe dat feel of a new haircut and I’ve gone Frankie Sandford-esk with an asymmetrical bob. I loooveee the hair tucked behind one ear look, I looooveee that it’s so different and stands out from the crowd, and I looooooooveeeeeee that it takes short of 10 minutes to straighten and style in the morning. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Minimal makeup: The weather has been crazy hot lately in sunny Down Under and has left my skin more oily than it ever has been in living memory. I wouldn’t usually bother with even thinking about putting anything on by face on hot summer days, but I think I’ve found a good little collection of products for the days that I have been craving a little zhuzhing up. I’ve been reaching for my Benefit The POREfessional, Benetint, Posietint or ChaChatint cheek stains, a little concealer and light powder to set, M.A.C. Paint Pot in Painterly or Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and a light eye shadow look or just pressed powder to set my eye primer (if I’ve even bothered to prime my lids), mascara, and a bright lip. These have been my heroes and I love them.

My skin and skincare: I am the first to have a little whine and cry about my skin, it’s oily, acne prone, hormonal, and temperamental. But lately it’s actually been okay and I’m enjoying it. I rarely leave the house with a full face of make-up (lets be honest here, how many people actually do?) but I’m not as paranoid and conscious about my skin as I have been in the past. Although I haven’t drastically changed my skincare routine and I’ve only added in a couple of new products I’m becoming religious about it. I no longer want to poison and scrub and scar and punish myself and my skin, I’ve accepted that I have oily skin and I will break out every now and then and that is okay. I love that I just want to treat, pamper and take care of the skin I have rather than try and change it into something that it’s not. I’ve stopped piling on god knows what to stop what’s inevitable and I’m happier about it.

Uni: I’m a nerd, there I said it! I enjoy studying and learning something new and so I’m glad to be back to what I enjoy working towards my goal.


Being sick: Without going into detail I ended up in hospital a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t an experience I recommend to anyone. I’ve also lost count of how many migraines I’ve had in the last few months and I’m over it!

200 Day Spending Ban Update #3, #4, #5 and 6#!

I have a big update for my spending ban this week and it’s partly because I’ve been unwell and spent some time in hospital among working a lot and generally being busy, and partly because I spent more than I want to admit. Shit happens and you learn and move on, so that’s what we are doing. My temptations have been a little higher lately and I did give in unfortunately, but it was a huge lesson for me to learn and although I fell I’m back up and ready to keep calm and carry on *insert motivational speech and music here*.


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MOTD and OOTD: My look for Bec’s 21st

Along with posting details of the look that I put together on Bec for her 21st I also wanted to include my make-up look for the party. I went for a very classic red lip with winged liner and gold on the lids. A classic look like this is absolutely stunning to me and is always a great go to if you’re strapped for ideas on what do to. Besides, as if a gorgeous red on the lips doesn’t make you feel like you can run the world? I know it does for me!


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