Video – UD Electric Palette: Mermaid Blue Eyes

vid Mermaid Blue Eyes

The Urban Decay Electric Palette is my most recent addition to the palette collection (coming in the near future), and next to the Basics Palette, which I used in my first video, this is up there as one of my most reached for. The palette is unlike no other, pressed pigments offer the highest and most intense colour saturation possible. It has 10 shades, Revolt (silver) and Chaos (electric blue) are colours from other limited edition palettes, the rest are all brand spanking new. The best thing about it? It’s versatile! Because the colours are pressed pigments they are easy to mix in with lipsticks and nail polishes, and their saturation means they can even use them on dark hair as hair chalk.

In my experience the pigments are all beautifully smooth and easy to work with, as you’ll see in the video they blend so easily. They are vibrant and wear really nicely on the lid. If you want the highest possible pay off use a white base underneath, but I don’t feel it’s necessary with this palette.

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6 Colour Make-up Products You Need in Your Life

Make-up is like fashion, we can use it to create an infinite number of looks, each different from the last. But like fashion, we can get into a very comfortable place with our make-up and forget to experiment and play with different and exciting things. I always try to experiment with different things, and I don’t have a signature make-up look or a go-to. My looks are always different, with different products, colours, and textures each and every time. As a self titled expert on yet another subject (I’m really not, I just know a lot about a lot) I have put together my 6 picks of the colour make-up prodz you need in your life yesterday.

colour prods you need

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Video – UD Naked Basics: Smoky Liner + Nude Lips

UD Naked Basics: Smoky Liner + Nude Lips

I’ve decided to venture into the world of video and give this YouTube a go, I think it will be a good addition to the blog, as well as a lot of fun. I love playing with make-up and creating different looks, so I’m looking forward to showing you what I can do and what I have learned. At some point, somehow, I decided that it would be a great time to film my first video while sick? It’s super awks, but I’m only just starting to learn about this whole YouTube thing so just bear with me. I plan on making the majority of my tutorials something I like to call ‘1 palette wonders’ where basically I show you how to create an entire look with one palette. I find so many tutorials use such a diverse range of products that it’s just not feasible for the every day you and me. I just felt so smart when I thought of this whole idea.


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The Winter Survival Guide: Skin + Tips

Winter Survival Guide

I miss blogging, and in a bid to work myself back into it I thought I would talk about something I know a lot about, and something I’ve been learning a lot about. Winter and skin. Today I’m bringing you my winter survival guide for your skin, a little guide to getting through the colder months, all wrapped up in a pretty little bow just for you. Now now, I know you’re sick of hearing how much I love winter, but since I am pretty much a kind of sort of expert on the subject. Hear me out… 

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Oily Skin Saviours

Lately (and especially since I’ve started working in the beauty industry) I have become increasingly conscious of my skin, and skincare is something I am more interested in than ever before. In a bid to combat the oil slick on my face I have created a little experiment to see what products in my regime really do help keep the oil at bay, and the results are in…

oily skin saviours title

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Bedside Table Essentials!

Bedside Table Essentials

Next to food and make-up there is nothing I love more than sleeping. But even when I’m resting and relaxing in my kingdom of burrito blanket cuddles I have just a few bedside table essentials, beauty and otherwise, that I like to have close by. More for TLC than anything else, these are the things I absolutely need..

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Inspired: Jennifer Lawrence For Vanity Fair

I was so mesmerised the first time I saw the shoot that Jennifer Lawrence did for Vanity Fair in November of 2014. She is just so effortlessly stunning and seems absolutely down to earth. The shoot has a major 70’s vibe to it which really drew me in, and the make-up look is light and natural but striking with that orange/red lip. I’ve had a huge lady crush on JLaw lately so I just had to show you how to create this look for yourself at home.

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Easy Summer Make-up For When It’s Too Hot

If you live in or have been in Sydney this past few weeks you’d know it’s been too dang hot for anything, let alone a full face of make-up. For me, once it hits about 27 degrees (Celsius) I take my make-up right back to barely there and almost nothing. I’ve found myself reaching for a particular set of products just about every time and doing the same steps to enhance, conceal, and make myself up while managing to wear barely anything at all. Ladies and gentlemen I give you my easy summer make-up for when it’s too dang hot…

Easy Summer Make-up For When It's Too Hot


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My Favourite Blogger’s and Youtuber’s

I read blogs and watch YouTube on the daily because it inspires creativity in my own life. I’ve had so many ideas myself from reading and watching some of my favourites, as well as all the lovely little gems that I come across here and there. I’m a terrible person though and rarely actually leave my favourites or anyone for that matter a comment (maybe I would have more friends if I did? haha), so I thought today would be a good day to share some love for 5 of my favourite bloggers and YouTubers… 1.

The Daily Mark   Beauty, Tech   Lifestyle that will make a mark on your day.

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