Oily Skin Saviours

Lately (and especially since I’ve started working in the beauty industry) I have become increasingly conscious of my skin, and skincare is something I am more interested in than ever before. In a bid to combat the oil slick on my face I have created a little experiment to see what products in my regime really do help keep the oil at bay, and the results are in…

oily skin saviours title

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Bedside Table Essentials!

Bedside Table Essentials

Next to food and make-up there is nothing I love more than sleeping. But even when I’m resting and relaxing in my kingdom of burrito blanket cuddles I have just a few bedside table essentials, beauty and otherwise, that I like to have close by. More for TLC than anything else, these are the things I absolutely need..

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Inspired: Jennifer Lawrence For Vanity Fair

I was so mesmerised the first time I saw the shoot that Jennifer Lawrence did for Vanity Fair in November of 2014. She is just so effortlessly stunning and seems absolutely down to earth. The shoot has a major 70’s vibe to it which really drew me in, and the make-up look is light and natural but striking with that orange/red lip. I’ve had a huge lady crush on JLaw lately so I just had to show you how to create this look for yourself at home.

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Easy Summer Make-up For When It’s Too Hot

If you live in or have been in Sydney this past few weeks you’d know it’s been too dang hot for anything, let alone a full face of make-up. For me, once it hits about 27 degrees (Celsius) I take my make-up right back to barely there and almost nothing. I’ve found myself reaching for a particular set of products just about every time and doing the same steps to enhance, conceal, and make myself up while managing to wear barely anything at all. Ladies and gentlemen I give you my easy summer make-up for when it’s too dang hot…

Easy Summer Make-up For When It's Too Hot


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My Favourite Blogger’s and Youtuber’s

I read blogs and watch YouTube on the daily because it inspires creativity in my own life. I’ve had so many ideas myself from reading and watching some of my favourites, as well as all the lovely little gems that I come across here and there. I’m a terrible person though and rarely actually leave my favourites or anyone for that matter a comment (maybe I would have more friends if I did? haha), so I thought today would be a good day to share some love for 5 of my favourite bloggers and YouTubers… 1. thedailymark.com.au

The Daily Mark   Beauty, Tech   Lifestyle that will make a mark on your day.

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What Happens To Your Empty Products?

empty products

The beauty industry in Australia alone is worth several billion dollars, where beauty products are becoming more readily available every day. There is no doubt, we love our products and our pretty bottles. But what happens once they’re done? We celebrate finishing that product, getting though every last bit so we don’t waste it or our money, but what happens after your empty products are in your bin? For the most part, not much, unless you’re the one in 5 that does consistently recycle their bathroom and beauty products. Funny thing is, plastic doesn’t decompose easily, but it can be melted down and made into something else. I’ve known for a while about the ‘Back To M.A.C.’ program that M.A.C. has, but only since I’ve finished my first M.A.C. product have I really cared for it, I guess that’s what has put me on this crusade in the first place. I wonder how many other brands or stores do something similar, if they do, it doesn’t seem to be public knowledge. Imagine if Mecca, Myer, or even Priceline had a machine in the front of their stores where you could drop off your empty products to earn points towards a discount or freebie? I’d be there front and center happily giving in all of my empty products knowing something good was going to come out of it (for the environment and me *wink*). I am no environmental activist by any means, but since we live on this Earth and it provides everything we need, I think it’s good to do something to give some love back to it. If you’re ever curious and want some more information, I found the Care to Recycle campain run by Johnson and Johnson really helpful.

What do you do with your empty products? Do you recycle?


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Happy New Year! My Goals For 2015

2015 res

Happy New Year! I love the beginning of the year because it’s the perfect chance to reinvent yourself, become what you have always wanted to become, and create brand spanking new dreams and goals to fuel you for the new year. On the subject of goals, I thought I would share mine for the new year. I have set myself 11 serious life goals for 2015 that I wanted to share with you today…

1. Find peace.

2. Live for me, learn to put myself first, and speak up when something bothers me.

3. Save more. Put at least 1\3 of every pay away and not touch my savings unless it’s an emergency.

4. Work harder at uni to lift my GPA and because I just simply know I can.

5. Read at least 1 book a month.

6. Get my L’s and start driving. DONE!

7. Treat my blog like a job and believe in its potential.

8. Start Christmas shopping in October.

9. Worry, stress, and be anxious less. Be okay with not always having a plan.

10. Work hard, live hard, love hard, laugh hard. Don’t give up. Never forget to always be in the moment, and don’t waste it!

11. Educate myself about the world around me.


What are your goals for 2015?

Merry Christmas


My darling friends, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyful and healthy New Year. I hope that the time you spend with your loved ones is full of laughter and happiness, and that next year for you is the best one yet! I’ve already started blog planning for next year and I can’t wait to share all of my ideas with you. See you real soon!